An effective website could
make you money in your sleep

Imagine if there was a way for your business to be accessible to your customers 24/7.   If there was a way to showcase your fantastic products and services to potential customers whilst you sleep.  What if  potential customers  had a way to have their questions answered outside of business hours. You would want that for your business right?

An SEO focused website and sharp social media profiles is your secret weapon

  • Half of small businesses don't have a website
  • 68% of customers will not consider a small business if it has no online presence
  • 48% of customers will not consider buying from a business if it does not have a website.
Source: Smart Company

Not having a website could be costing you money

A website is an investment for your business.  It is a marketing asset used to communicate with your potential customers  7 days a week. The truth is that you never really know how many customers and sales you may have missed out on due to not having a website. Consider the following scenario.

This is Sarah. Sarah is looking for a plumber to fix her bathroom. Sarah has had bad experience with tradies not showing up on time, over charging her and delivering low standard work.  Sarah lives in Broadbeach and Googles "Plumber in Broadbeach."  Sarah browses the search results for some local plumbing businesses in Broadbeach. Sarah lands on website for Mick's Slick Plumbing.  His website looks professionally sleek and has testimonials from former customers.  Sarah is sold and makes an appointment.

Meet Jim. Jim runs a plumbing business in Broadbeach. Jim is great at what he does. His customer are always happy with the high quality of his work and his friendly and professional conduct. Jim always arrives on time and never overcharges.  Jim has very fair and competitive pricing and has guarantees in place for his work so his customers have constant peace of mind. Jim would be an ideal plumber for Sarah.  Unfortunately, Jim does not have a website so Sarah never knew his business existed and Sarah chose Jim's competitor Mick's Slick Plumbing.

Core features in every package 
We don't skimp on the foundations!

No matter which level of website you  purchase we won't skimp on delivering a website optimised for speed, SEO and security.  Let's be real here. Your website is a reflection on our brand and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  We won't short-change you on security because you opted for a lower package. Additionally, what's the point of setting up a website if we don't lay the correct SEO foundations from day one.

starter pack

Ideal for businesses on a limited budget that want a slick design 



  • Premium Design
  • Premium  Plugins
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • SSL Certificate (1 year) 
  • 3 Standard Pages
  • Video Library Tutorials
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Speed optimisation
  • Enhanced security

The perfect solution for  small business selling products



  • Everything in STARTER PACK
  • Everything in STANDARD
  • Payment gateway
  • 10 Products set up

WordPress - Our Preferred CMS

Content Management Systems are building blocks to create websites.  We have been building websites sites since the 90s and have tested most of the content management systems. Our preferred CMS of choice is WordPress as it allows your website to grow as your business grows .   75 million websites use the WordPress platform such as some of the big players such as  BBC America, Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company and Mercedes Benz to name a mere few.

Our WordPress Training Library

Once your website has been launched you have the choice to purchase a maintenance package and we will update and maintain your website for you. Easy peasy.

 If you prefer a hands on approach and prefer to update and manage your new website yourself you will easily be able to do so with our training videos that will teach you how to manage your own website. You will learn how to create new pages, upload images and keep the website maintained.

Our 3 Step Web Development Process

Wondering what to expect when you sign up as a Cleo and JoJo Media client? The process from signing up as a client to launching your website can be broken down into 3 steps.

1. Onboarding

When you first become a Cleo and JoJo Media client you begin the onboarding phase. During this phase we will work together to come up with the perfect website for your business. 

2. Development

During the website development phase we take the reigns busily putting your website together.  You can check on the progress of your website at any time by logging into your client portal and checking on milestones and deliverables.

3. Client Review

Once we think your website is done we will ask for your feedback and make sure you are happy. Once you're happy we will have a glass of champers on your behalf.