Has your website been optimised for SEO?

It's important to get your website off to the right start from day 1

From the outside, your website could look sleek and professional 

However, under the hood if the correct SEO foundations haven't been laid, well it's like buying a new car only to discover it's a lemon

Benefits of an SEO healthy website

  • More likely to rank higher in Google
  • More likely to reach the ideal customer
  • Your website will look more appealing in the search results.
  • More likely to build trust and credibility

What we offer

Our $65 SEO Health Check and Repair is a service that allows us to manually check your website for SEO issues and red flags.  We will repair your home page for SEO optimisation making sure that your homepage has all the essential SEO elements it needs to thrive.  As part of our SEO services we will also install and  set up YOAST the number 1 WordPress plugin.   The results of combining both the use of a plugin and manual techniques will be a healthier SEO friendly website.

*SEO optimisation of additional pages available for an extra fee

$65 SEO Health Check & Repair

SEO repair services of website's home page and installation and set-up of YOAST plugin.